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Discussion 12 ~ 2+2=5

Tue Aug 5, 2014, 10:50 AM

The photograph can be many different things. It can come from a quite place and be humble, elegant, and wise.  It can also come from a darker place and be frightening, sorrowful, and debilatating.  A photograph can also be visionary.  It can force us to confront current paradigms in ways that other mediums such as books, music, paintings, and academics never could.  The following artist use the photograph to not only document their current view of the twenty first century landscape, but to speak to us about the potential outcomes of our future.

Beate Gutschow - S

"The S  series is post-apocalyptic, revealing failed social ideals through alienating architecture. Photographing in Berlin, Chicago, Kyoto, Los Angeles, New York, and Sarajevo, Gütschow appropriates buildings, parking lots, stairways, and people. Reconfiguring these elements of architecture from different areas of the world, she synthesizes a disorienting cosmopolitan space with a confused temporality. Despite the utopian ideals behind the modern architecture, cities are less hospitable than we idealize them to be." Source

“The story of evolution unfolds with increasing levels of abstraction.”
-Ray Kurzweil

Lynne Cohen - Occupied Territory

"For more than thirty years, Lynne Cohen has been photographing interior spaces devoid of people – laboratories, health spas, waiting rooms, classrooms. Their décor, sometimes kitschy, often funny, even if the humour reinforces the aspect of suspense, even of uneasiness. By elaborating on the seemingly fictional quality of the spaces, the purposes of which are frequently ill-defined, Lynne Cohen plays up an aspect of social control, one that makes itself apparent in strange ways." Source

“The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better.”
-George Orwell

David Galjaard - Concresco

"Fearing an attack from abroad, Albanian Stalinist leader Enver Hoxha had around 750,000 above-ground bunkers built during his time in power, from 1945 until his death in 1985. After the collapse of communism in 1991, the virtually indestructible bunkers were deprived of their unfulfilled purpose, serving purely as an obtrusive reminder of a dictatorship that had had lasted for almost fifty years."  Source

"It's not only our reality which enslaves us.
The tragedy of our predicament -
when we are within ideology, is that -
when we think that we escape it into our dreams -
at that point we are within ideology."
-Slavoj Zizek

Brian Ulrich - Dark Stores

"Over the past 10 years I have been engaged with a long-term photographic examination of the peculiarities and complexities of the consumer-dominated culture in which we live. This project titled Copia, explores not only the everyday activities of shopping, but the economic, cultural, social, and political implications of commercialism and the roles we play in self-destruction, over-consumption, and as targets of marketing and advertising." Source

"You buy furniture, you tell yourself, this is the last sofa I will ever need in my life. Buy the sofa, then for a couple of years you're satisfied that no matter what goes wrong, at least you've got your sofa issue handled, then the right set of dishes, then the perfect bed. The drapes. The rug.
Then you're trapped in your lovely nest, and the things that you used to own, now they own you."
-Chuck Palahnuik

Richard Ross - Architecture of Authority

"There are some places that you never want to see the insides of. These are the places sought out in Architecture of Authority. The photographs capture spaces both notorious and innocuous, from FBI Headquarters to high school corridors and office spaces. Architecture of Authority is a body of unsettling pictures of architectural spaces that exert power over the individuals within them." Source

"Some don't believein what they're watching any more. I miss the cameras. They used to be heavier than us.
Then they became smaller than our heads. Now you can't see them at all.
So sometimes I too find it hard to believe in it all.
Trying to make us all paranoid?
Aren't you already?
I am. Very.
What makes you carry on, Oscar?
What made me start, the beauty of the act.
They say it's in the eye, the eye of the beholder.
And if there's no more beholder?"
-Leos Carax

Edgar Martins - A Metaphysical Survey of British Dwellings

"Shot entirely in a mock-up town, built in 2003, to train the Firearms and Public Order Units of the UK’s Metropolitan Police, this series deals with urbanism in all its contradictoriness and ambiguity. This ultra-realistic specialist training centre is not just a simulacrum of contemporary British towns, it is also a metaphor for the modern asocial city. Nothing moves in or out of these buildings. The urban fabric fades into the twilight, forcing us to fill in the absences that the night relentlessly exposes. An ambiguous game of identity and relation is played out, a game which encompasses an enigmatic assemblage of everyday life, transmission and flow, dislocation, bewilderment and solitude. These images depend on photography’s inherit tendency to make each space believable, but there is a disturbing suggestion that all is not what it seems." Source

"The first step to freedom is not just to -
change reality to fit your dreams -
it's to change the way you dream.
and again this hurts because all satisfactions we have -
come from our dreams."
-Slavoj Zizek

Frank Van Der Salm - Selected Single Works

"Frank van der Salm’s large photographs imbue the buildings on modern-day peripheries with a singular aura. The artificial structures of civilization: patterns made up of glass, steel, and asphalt, enhanced by colorful cars, and illuminated of course by countless artificial light sources. What is there, is there in abundance, creating an almost magical shimmer. But what do we see? We see everything and find out nothing. Frank van der Salm’s photographs are trenchant metaphors of modern visual communication." Source

“But Humanity, in its desire for comfort, had over-reached itself. It had exploited the riches of nature too far. Quietly and complacently, it was sinking into decadence, and progress had come to mean the progress of the Machine.”
-E.M. Foster

Vincent Fournier - The Man Machine

"In this series The Man Machine Vincent Fournier documents current robotic technologies from all over the world. In his works, he is interested in how fiction is become reality. As he states, "My work was fed with the world of childhood, with some sort of buried memory where reality and fiction are becoming confused, even merge somehow, a world in which things don’t even have a name yet. I remember stories which could have existed, stories in which the truth is dangerously flirting with the false, all together serious and absurd, amusing and disquieting, past or future."" Source

“any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
-Ray Kurzweil

In Conclusion

It could be argued that the camera is fated to merely record the present now and by linking together multiple photos and storylines, to tell us about the past.  What if that is not the only roles the camera can fulfill?  What if the press of a shutter not only records a moment in time, but a future.  As photographers, we walk through our world and record our experience of the now, and simultaneously preserve the story of our past.  However, as photographers we must also acknowledge and respect the fact that when we make a photograph, we also create the future.  In the twenty first century we are constantly surrounded by imagery, whether its advertising, art, news, film, or television.  These images that surround us should not be taken lightly, for they shape the very way in which we see the world.  Every billboard, television commercial, and photograph hanging on a gallery wall, influence the way we interpret the world and the way we interact with it through our ideologies and sentiments.  As photographers we are each responsible with what we decide to create and how each individual image builds our social narrative, shapes who we are, and determines the potentialities of the future of our cultures.  
What kind of future do you want to see?

Hello watchers! It's official, I'm now the new Community Relations Volunteer for the abstract and surreal photography category. This is a great honor and I will do my best to represent this community in a positive and fulfilling way. Don't hesitate to send me your DD suggestions, questions and concerns, and feedback.


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