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"Any new possibility that existence acquires transforms everything about existence." -Kundera

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Through The Lens #15 ~ Surrealism

Tue Nov 18, 2014, 6:46 AM

Man Ray, Glass Tears, 1932

In the "First Manifesto of Surrealism", published in 1924 by founder André Breton, he describes the new movement as follows:
"SURREALISM, noun. Pure psychic automatism by which it is intended to express, either verbally or in writing, or otherwise, the true function of thought. Thought dictated in the absence of all control exerted by reason, and outside all aesthetic or moral preoccupations.
ENCYCLOAEDIA. Philosophy. Surrealism is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain forms of association heretofore neglected, in the omnipotence of the dream, and in the disinterested play of thought. It leads to the permanent destruction of all other psychic mechanisms and to its substitution of them in the solution of the principal problems of life."

Andre Breton, Self-Portrait, 1938

we must not let the paths of desire become overgrown

-André Breton, 1937

Man Ray, Untitled (from Facile), 1935

Salvador Dalí, Le Phénomène de l'extase, 1933

Jacques-André Boiffard, Renée Jacobi, 1930

My Love because you understood my desires
Set your lips like a star in the sky of your words
Your kisses in the living night
And the wake of your arms around me
Like a flame in token of conquest
My dreams are in the world
Clear and perpetual

And when you are not here
I dream that I sleep I dream that I dream

-Paul Eluard, 1929

André Kertész, La Fourchette, 1928

André Kertész, Distortion, No. 40, 1933

Jacques-André Boiffard, Big Toe, masculine subject, thirty years old, 1929

The noblest desire is that of combating all obstacles placed by bourgeois society in the path of the realization of the vital desires of man, as much those of his body as those of his imagination, these two categories being nearly always closely linked and mutually determining.

-Paul Eluard, 1932

Bill Brandt, Flea Market, 1930

Bill Brandt, Campden Hill, London, 1949

Dora Maar, Le Simulateur, 1936

On love:

"What is love? One can only consider it, so it seems to me, as the effect upon us of a beautiful object's qualities; these effects distract us; they inflame us; were we to possess this object, all would be well with us; if 'tis impossible to have it, we are in despair. But what is the foundation of this sentiment? Desire. What are this sentiment's consequences? Madness. Let us confine ourselves to the cause and guarantee ourselves against the effects. The cause is to possess the object: splendid! Let's strive to succeed, but using our head, not losing our wits; let's enjoy it when we've got it, let's console ourselves if we fail; a thousand other identical and often much more superior objects exist to soothe our regrets and our pride: all men, all women, resemble each other: no love resists the effects of sane reflection. O 'tis a very great cheat and dupery, this intoxication which puts us in a state that we see no more ..."
-The Marquis de Sade, Philosophy in the Bedroom

Lee Miller, Nude bent forward, 1931

Man Ray, Retour â la raison, 1923

Man Ray, Lee Miller (Neck), 1930

We who have so much space and so little time, we shall trans-
form ourselves into nomads.

The fields stretch away as far as the eye can see, beckoning us to beds made to our measure.

My love, wonderfully erect, like a table set out in the sunlight.

The nudity of love has scarcely begun.

The body reaches further than we normally think. It is the matchless hall of lost footsteps where every-
thing is played out in terms of echoes.

-Annie Le Brun, 1972

Claude Cahun, Self-Portrait, 1929

Claude Cahun, What Do You Want From Me?, 1928

Denise Bellon, Salvador Dali Holding a Mannequin, 1938

"Fortunately, somewhere between chance and mystery lies imagination, the only thing that protects our freedom, despite the fact that people keep trying to reduce it or kill it off altogether."

-Luis Buñuel

Hans Bellmer, Die Puppe, 1935

Hans Bellmer, Die Puppe, 1934

Hans Bellmer, Die Pupper, 1934

The chance meeting of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table.

-Comte de Lautréamont

Man Ray, L'Ênigme d'Isidore Ducasse

Paul Nougé, The Birth of the Object, 1929-30

Paul Nougé, The Juggler, 1929-30

"It is not me who is the clown, but this monstrously cynical and so unconsciously naïve society, which plays the game of seriousness in order better to hide its madness."

-Salvador Dalí

kReAte, kReAte, kReAte

A Converstation between justanothersomeone (J) and nenmayk (N)

freekowZ by nenmayk

Your work is richly informed by the Surrealist art movement of the 1920's. Can you speak briefly about their influence on you. When did you first come into contact with their work? Are there any artists from the movement that resonate with you more than others? Are their any particular pieces that you find important or interesting that you'd like to share?

N: FfEeL hUmbLD bY thE cOmpaRisoN ,tHanK U.biG faN oF coNtempoRarY pOlisH poStER aRtiStZ ,walkuski,starowieyski,olbinski,beksinki thE lisT goZ oN

Wiesław Wałkuski - IV Festiwal Gombrowiczowski theatre, 1999

N:  starowieyski waZ thE aRtiST tHaT S
mAyD aN iMpakT oN mY soUL aZ A tEenAgeR......
waZ thE fiRsT pIeCe tHaT goT thE hoLE tHiNG sTaRtD,

Smiley III by nenmayk

N: suM vIeWerZ kOmParD iT tU magritte...feLT vEreE pRoUD anD saD tHaT diD noT dIskoVeR hiM sUneR,thE viSuAL cOnECtIoN waZ sTrOnG,tHanK U foR oPenInG uP tHaT mEmoRY.lifE aZ A h0LE iZ thE infLuEncZ........

René Magritte - The Son of Man, 1964

J: In Magritte's work the use of color is very central, in your work however, black & white is prominent. I would like to hear your thoughts on why you choose to work in black and white. How does the use of deep blacks and large amounts of negative space speak in your work conceptually?

N:  fReQueNt usE oF A bLacK sUiT iZ thE uNiForM oF aNoNymItY tO thE bRaiN....pluS luV thE cOntRasT.
diD A selF aNalYsiS yEaRZ agO, oF whY bLacK...,cAmE uP wItH A feW rEaSonZ .bLacK iZ iSoLatinG,iT wRapS iTsElF arOunD thE sUbJecT anD proJectZ iT fOrwArD,mAkInG iT sImplE,leSS diStRaCtInG ,
anD iZ A coMfOrT zOnE .

muteman by nenmayk

N:  cOloR iZ diFfiCulT bEcAusE oF deUtErAnOpiA,wHicH iZ A cOloR vIsIoN dEfiCiEncY. UR rEalItY iZ dIffErEnT ...

J: Would you speak on the themes in your art? What do you hope the viewer sees or feels when viewing it?

N: wHaT iZ rEaliTY ? wE pErsEVE rEaL uTiliZinG ouR sEnseZ...vIsIoN,smELL,hEaRinG...
mY doG seEZ moRE,sMeLZ mOrE...,wE bOtH oCCupY thE sAmE sPaCE yeT liV iN diFFerEnT realiTieZ ,tHerE iZ nO reAL ... rEcEntLY rEaD aN arTicLE aBoUT aN eNgInEeR tHaT haD A vIsIoN oF A sPacE enGinE,tHaT aCCoRdiNG tO thE lawZ oF pHySicS wa
z iMpoSsIblE tO eXiST... thE eNgInEeR quit hiS joB aT nAsA...
anD tO thE aMaZeMenT oF thE sCieNtiFiC cOmMuNitY ...hE diD iT !! hE bRoK thE laWZ oF pHySiCS ...
tHeY caLLeD iT "quAnTuM enGinE"...iF tHaT iZ pOssIbLE,aNyTHinG iZ poSSibLE...
wE R bOuND bI rulZ anD rEgUlaTiOnZ tHaT wE cReAteD.... ouR bRaInZ haVE nO lImiTZ,jUsT hAvE tO cOLdbOoT ....
thE arT iZ mEnT tO pErForM A liTTlE dErAiL iN R tHiNkiNG pRoCeSS,tO bReaK thE sTerEotYpE...
tHaT iZ thE mIrAcLE oF arT ....
AbsTraCT vIsIoN beComZ rEaL anD coMuNicAtZ wiTH aNotHeR hUmAN oN A qUaNtuM leVeL.....

syncroman by nenmayk

J: "wE R bOuND bI rulZ anD rEgUlaTiOnZ tHaT wE cReAteD.... ouR bRaInZ haVE nO lImiTZ".
This thought, specifically the second part of it, is a very inspiring idea. The human brain truly has no limits to what it can conceive and create. However, as you mentioned, there are certain rules in the art world that artists must decide to follow, or break. Many of these rules are there for a justifiable reason. They create a set of parameters under which we can define and value artwork. Conversely, these rules are also arbitrary and oftentimes unfair, and in some case, they were never meant to be followed. But rather set a stage that allows artists to break from standard perceptions of reality, thus creating a platform for artwork to transcend from. Through your art practice and your experiences as a viewer of art, what rules or boundaries have you discovered to be helpful and which have you found to be ineffective? Also, do you have any advice for artist who may be struggling to fit into the greater art context? Also, in an art historical context, do you have any advice for the viewer in helping to comprehend why rules are in place and how and when it is acceptable to break them?

N: woW... nIcE qUesTioN....
wuD lIK 2 saY tHaT tHerE iZ nO arT eDukAtIoN sTanDiNG bEhiND tHeEZ wOrdZ.................
2 tHiNgZ R 4 cErTaiN....aUdIO anD ViSuAL arTZ R iN R gEenZ.... cAvmEN diD noT gO 2 arT sKUuL....
iF arT iZ iN R gEenZ,tHeN thE aBiLitY waZ kReAteD bY nAtuR...... kAn U puT anY rULZ oN nAtUR ?kAyM 2 thE oBvIoUS kOnkLuTioN tHaT onLY arT mAyKZ uS hUmAN ......anD iZ A rEfLekTiON oF hUmAnITY....
iT kOmZ fRoM thE sOuL anD sHuD haV nO rULZ.....sHuD beE rEeLeesT 2 thE vIEwER anD eEtHeR gRO oR daii
I..LuK aT tHeEZ gALerEeZ....vIrTuAL anD rEeL aLiK ....A feW pEePL deCiDdE wHaT iZ gUD oR bAD foR tHaUzAndZ oF vIeWrZ....... aRT nEEdZ 2 lIV anD gRoW oN itZ oWN iN sOCIeTY..... .lUV thE mOdErN fOrMZ oF vIsUaL kOmUniKaTioN...... gUD arT noT sEeN aNyWHeRE iZ bEeInG sHoWN 2 thE wOrLD 4 fREE.....
eXpLoSiON oF kReEaTiVitY....U kaN pRezEnT uR arT dIrEcTlY iNtO thE hAndZ oF vIeWErZ anD iNtErAkT.... aMaZiNG....

-O- by nenmayk

N: kReAtE kReAtE kReAtE tHaT iZ thE aDviS foR aRtIsTZ....

J: Well said. You're perspective is fresh and inspiring. The ability for contemporary artists to share their work through the internet is a very exciting thing. As with other parts of society, we see how the internet can make the world truly democratic, even in the art world which historically has been extremely restrictive. You're advice to simply "create, create, create" is spot on. I have one more question for you and we will conclude the interview. Since you will have the attention of many different peoples from various walks of life as they read this, what question would you like to ask all of them?

N: wHY R wE hErE ?..... 

faceofF by nenmayk

N: tHanK U foR gIVinG mE A vOiCE..... ...... wIsH eVeRyonE dA bEsT !


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